March 07th, 2012

Here are a couple recommended links from the past few days. Enjoy!

To Lose Weight, Just Drink a Gallon of Coffee [Gizmodo] – Apparently you would need to consume a caffeine equivalent of about 50 cups per day, which is almost a lethal dose. Sooo…let’s not try this!
Who Wants to Eat Anything, Stay Thin, and Never Exercise? [Gizmodo] – Their test seems a bit flawed. Feeding the mice fatty food – they should try feeding them sugary sodas, candy and carbs. Plus, I think I’d still want to exercise so I’m not a skinny blob of skin and bones.
RSA Animate – Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us [YouTube] – Pretty interesting stuff here and I have to say I agree with it!
Brooks Green Silence Running Shoes (Union Jack edition) [Sweat Shop] – A bit pricey for my taste, once you do the conversion to US dollars, but pretty cool. They should make a pair for each country!
Review: Zombies, Run! [Doug Runs] – Not sure I’d pay $8 for an app of any type, but this one sounds pretty fun!
Go Run a Race! – Make sure to check it our for race reports and shoe reviews!

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